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Board of Directors

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Ryan Goding

Ryan Goding is the founder and Executive Director of Anchor New England. He also serves an apologetics ministry called AIIA Institute as the Vice President and Chairman of the Board of Directors. In 2008, Ryan and his wife Kylie moved to Farmington Maine and planted Summit Faith Community where Ryan presently serves as the lead Pastor. Ryan also currently works vocationally as the manager of a financial institution in his community. Ryan and Kylie are the proud parents of three children - Eve, Celia and Josiah. In his past time, he enjoys reading, hunting, fishing, movies, and spending time with family.


Kylie Goding

Kylie serves on the Board of Directors of Anchor New England as Secretary. She also serves on the Board of Directors of AIIA Institute in Monson Maine. Kylie is the Women’s Ministry and Sunday School Director of Summit Faith Community. She also works as an educator at a local day care. Kylie studied secondary education with a focus on English at the University of Maine in Farmington. She spends much of her time focused on raising Eve, Celia, and Josiah to follow Christ. Kylie enjoys reading, gardening, sewing, painting, and outdoor activities.


Bill Johnson, PH.D.

Bill and his wife Deb Johnson moved to Pittsfield Maine in 1988 and came to serve First Baptist Church in 1989. He is a graduate of Elim Bible Institute and College, and has an M. Litt. in Family Life Education from Oxford Graduate School, and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Birmingham in England. Currently, he is the Director of Pine Tree Leadership Development Program, an adjunct professor of Philosophy and Ethics at Husson University, and a Professor of Philosophy at New England Bible College & Grace Evangelical Seminary. Bill is regularly a conference, college ministries, and youth camp speaker in different venues throughout the State of Maine and New England.   


Travis Pelletier

Travis Pelletier is a full-time Chapter Director for Ratio Christi at the University of Maine. Once an agnostic who wanted nothing to do with Christianity, he now spends his time on campus and in churches engaging both skeptics and believers with the reasons for Christ. Travis has an M.A. in English from Bob Jones University, and is nearly finished with an M.A. in Philosophy from Southern Evangelical Seminary. He lives in Brewer, Maine with his beautiful wife, Kerry, and their two children, Jackson and Nathan.


M. James Sawyer, PH.D.

James Sawyer has for 37 years served as professor of Theology at Simpson University in San Francisco & Redding CA, Western Seminary in San Jose CA, and Pacific Islands Theological Seminary in Guam where he has also served as Dean of the Seminary. He is also founder of Sacred Saga Ministries, a mission dedicated to providing short term college and seminary instructors for overseas institutions. He has taught in Bulgaria, Jordan, Ghana and Guam. He and his wife Kay have been married 48 years and have four sons and seven grandchildren. He is the author of seven books and nine booklets, including The Survivor’s Guide to Theology, Resurrecting the Trinity: A Plea to Recover the Wonder and Meaning of the Triune God, and Reinventing Jesus co-author with Daniel B. Wallace & J. Ed Komoszewski


Daniel Hutchins

Daniel Hutchins was born in Farmington Maine and from an early age was raised in a Christian home, schooled in a Christian environment, attended church three times a week, but only came to actually know Jesus as an eighteen year old. Years passed before Dan was awakened to what a victorious life in Christ could be, and by the Grace of God he continues to understand better day by day. God has brought many people into Dan's life over the course of the last twenty years who have pointed him to Jesus, and he has a desire to be that instrument for others. He and his wife Marlene were married in 2000 and have four children; Colin, Carolyn, Nathaniel, and Evangeline. Marlene has been a spring of blessing in his life and daily incarnates the love and grace of God. Outside of spending time with his family, Dan enjoys reading, listening to an eclectic spectrum of music, and sharing those passions with others. 

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Seth Sherwood

Seth lives in Augusta, with his wife, Camden, and their three children. He is passionate about the Bible and Christian education. In his spare time, he enjoys activities that get him into Maine’s beautiful outdoors, such as running, biking, and swimming. 

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