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Christian Apologetics
Proclamation Thoughtletter Archive

On this page is an archive of scores of thoughtletters that address a wide range of questions related to historic Christian faith. These papers were researched, authored or edited, and published by Daryl E. Witmer who was working at the time under the auspices of the AIIA Institute (AIIA). AIIA was a Christian apologetics ministry based in north central Maine that operated from 1991—2023. 


These publications were migrated exclusively to Anchor New England (AIIA's successor ministry) in August of 2023. 


Some of the files are in PDF format and others as HTML text files.


This archive is double-indexed (by date and topic). These thoughtletters may be downloaded and used free of charge. Permission is hereby granted to reprint or quote the contents of these publications — in context and with appropriate credits — except where otherwise noted, as in the case of material copyrighted by a third party.

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