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Anchor New England is in the process of creating the pilot episode of a new animated apologetics film series for kids called "Theo's A.R.K."! Episode 1 will be released FREE to the public for download with accompanying leaders guide and children's work book. In this Episode we are introduced to Theo and his friends Sophia and Thomas. Episode 1, appropriately titled "IN THE BEGINNING" is about the Cosmological argument and will present basic concepts for this powerful apologetic. The goal of this project is to introduce children to arguments for the existence of God and more specifically the God of the Bible. Additionally, we want to empower parents and teachers with helpful tools to aid them in having those conversations. Some parents or teachers may feel ill equipped and even intimidated because of the complexity of Christian apologetics. Anchor New England is making apologetics accessible to everyone because we believe It absolutely critical that we anchor the next generation in the Truth of God's word. Please consider supporting us in our mission to deliver outstanding content and curriculum.

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Anticipated release date: July 31st 2021


With your support, new episodes to follow!

Click HERE to be redirected to our curriculum page (ANCHOR ED) for updates.

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