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The Bible is one book made up of 66 individual books which together make up the complete story of God's love!


The Bible was written by roughly 40 men of different backgrounds (shepherds, tax-collectors, kings, prophets, priests, and more) over the course of 1500 years.


The shortest verse in the Bible is contained in John 11:35, which says, "Jesus wept."


Over 100 million copies of the Bible are sold each year. This makes the Bible the best-selling book in history with over 5 billion copies sold.


The Gutenberg Bible was the first book ever printed using the method of moveable metal type.


The last word in the Bible is AMEN.


The Bible claims it is "God – Breathed". This means the Spirit of God inspired its writing.


The word "Bible" comes from the Greek word "Ta Biblia" which means "the books" or "the scrolls". This word comes from a city called Byblos in Lebanon which was the chief supplier of paper to the ancient world.


Scholars suggest there are as many as 1,239 prophecies in the Old Testament and 578 prophecies in the New Testament (Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy).


The New Testament portion of the Bible has been preserved in more manuscripts than any other ancient work of literature. There are over 10,000 Latin manuscripts, 9,300 manuscripts of various other languages such as Syriac, Slavic, Coptic, etc. and, 5,800 complete or fragmented Greek New Testament manuscripts which have been cataloged.


There are 365 verses in the Bible containing admonishment to not fear. It has been said that there is one verse for every day of the year.


Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible.


Psalm 117 is the shortest chapter in the Bible.


The oldest man in the Bible was Methuselah at a whopping 969 years old.


The Bible records the existence of giants in the ancient world. In fact, David fought against one such giant, a Philistine named Goliath.


The Bible has been translated into over 700 languages.


The longest word int the Bible is the name – Mahershalalhashbaz.


John Wycliffe oversaw the 1st English translation of the Bible.


The worlds largest Bible weighs 1094 pounds.


The Bible is filled with many different examples or types of literature. It contains Wisdom literature like Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, Songs like Psalms, Historical books like Ruth and 1 Samuel, Epistles such as Romans, Gospels like Matthew and John, Prophetic books like Daniel and Hosea, and Apocalyptic books like Revelation.

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