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Creation's Ten Best Evidences

This month's article originally appeared in the July/August 2000 issue of Think & Believe, the monthly publication of the Alpha Omega Institute (AOG). It is authored by Dave & Mary Jo Nutting, with Dan Korow, and reprinted here by permission. Contact AOG at PO Box 4343 Grand Junction CO 81502. 1. The Fossil Record The fossil record provides evidence for a complex, instantaneous creation. Why? a) The lower geologic layers reveal a sudden proliferation of complex life forms with every phyla represented. This Cambrian Explosion or "Big Bang" of life is preceded by no simpler forms; b) Today's living forms show no change from their supposed ancient ancestors; c) There are large and systematic gaps between the different kinds of fossils rather than gradual, evolutionary changes. 2. Irreducible Complexity Prepackaged, highly engineered systems exist in our bodies that are so complex they defy evolutionary explanations. These systems involve integrated multiple parts and reactions that work together only as a whole. If you eliminate any one piece, none of the system works at all. Evolution supposedly operates by natural selection perfecting less developed systems. However, natural selection requires something working and in place to perfect! Examples in the human body are the immune system, blood clotting, and any one of hundreds of biochemical pathways. 3. Gaps in the Living World If isolated members of a species change by evolutionary processes, the main population group can still continue. We should be able to read the history of the evolutionary progression right across the very top of the evolutionary branching tree. We can't! Just as the fossil record contains large systematic gaps, the living world does too. We see evidence for creation of distinct kinds - not one kind  changing into another. 4. Laws of Probability The odds are enormously great against the successful occurrence of each of the myriads of needed evolutionary changes! Even the probability of 1 small protein occurring by accident is  1 chance out of 10260. Since we have thousands of even larger proteins, it is inconceivable they all happened by chance. Coupling that with intricate structures like eyes, wings, hearts, lungs, etc., the laws of probability scream out, "Creation!" 5. Law of Cause and Effect The Law of Cause and Effect is one of the best documented principles of science and of everyday experience. Every event must have a sufficient cause. Since the origin of the universe and the origin of life are events, they too must have a cause. The physical universe consisting of time, space, energy, and matter must all have a cause outside themselves. Likewise, life must have a living Cause. Following this reasoning to its logical conclusion leads to an infinite, eternal, powerful, intelligent, living First Cause-our awesome Creator! 6. Chicken or Egg Principle Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This question has plagued philosophers for a long time. The question is even deeper, however. Chickens have many proteins. Each protein is coded  for by the DNA/RNA system. However, many specific proteins are needed in order to manufacture DNA/RNA. So which came first - proteins or DNA/RNA? The logical explanation is that they were both created. 7. Intelligent Design Intelligent Design demands an Intelligent Designer. The airplane, computer, and digital camera originated not by random, undirected, chance processes, but by engineering genius. Such sophisticated achievements, however, pale in comparison to the extremely complex, systematically ordered, precision regulated systems of living tissue. The superior flight  of the dragonfly, the mind boggling information mega-processor of the human brain, and the eye as a self-focusing, fully-automatic, high resolution, 3-D motion picture camera are the natural prototypes for our acclaimed tech marvels. It is scientifically inconceivable, unreasonable, and illogical to credit blind, brainless chance as their maker. God alone is wise without limits, and deserves the Glory. 8. The Anthropic Principle The Anthropic Principle observes that the universe, including our beautiful, blue planet, appears to have been specifically designed for man to inhabit (just as Isaiah 45:18 says). Without the delicate balance of multitudes of physical properties, life would be impossible. Examples include the strength of the four basic forces in the universe (gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak nuclear forces), the size and shape of the earth, the distance from earth to sun, the tilt of the earth's axis, the concentration of atmospheric gases, and the presence of abundant liquid water. It couldn't just happen. 9. Information Theory Information has intelligence as its source, not haphazard chaotic chance. A computer programmer instills purpose, plan, and design by implementing and organizing recognizable bits of data into an understandable language framework. In biological systems, information is encoded as DNA, the programmed software of cells. As evolutionist Dr. Michael Denton says in his book, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, "The capacity of DNA to store information vastly exceeds that of any other known system; it is so efficient that all the information needed to specify an organism as complex as man weighs less than a few thousand millionths of a gram." Since raw organic molecules have no intrinsic cognitive capacity, who injected the information into the DNA? God alone is able. 10. Extreme Complexity Complexity beyond comprehension characterizes all life forms, including the so-called simple cell. As Dr. Michael Denton states when referring to the cell, "...we would find ourselves in a world of supreme technology and bewildering complexity... beyond our own creative capacities. Everything, from atomic structures to cells, organs, organ systems, and living creatures, speaks of incredible order, balance, and unity as a whole." Plus - God Said It! It is really hard to argue with the only One who claims to have been there when the universe and life began. He said He created everything to reproduce "after its own kind" - not one kind changing into another.

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