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The Wealth of Evidence for Christianity

This month I'm writing with a special word to those of you among our readers who, to date, remain skeptical about the unique claims of Jesus Christ. Some of you are presently uncertain just what you believe. Others of you remain rather firmly committed to a non-Christian worldview. But either way, if you have been reading this paper for very long -and some of you may have even read all 62 issues!-you now have a significantly increased responsibility to respond to this wealth of evidence for the Christian faith. Can Christianity ever be proven absolutely? No. That's why it's referred to as the Christ-ian faith. But it's not a blind faith. The evidence is overwhelming. To ignore it, to suppress it, or to refuse to act on it will, without a doubt, leave you fully culpable before the very God who has sovereignly arranged for you to receive this good and sufficient evidence of who He is and what will follow this earthly life. Reading this thoughtletter each month has introduced you to part of the great host of resources available to those asking difficult questions about the Christian faith. Whether your question pertains to the dilemma of human suffering and evil, the Deity of Jesus Christ, the reliability of Biblical manuscripts, the credibility of the Resurrection of Christ, or the deceptions of New Age / Eastern / cultist thinking-there is a book, a video, a web page, a credentialed authority, or some reputable organization fully able to respond. And you will certainly not have been the first to have asked such a question. The bookshelf pictured at right sits in my office here in Monson, Maine. It is just one of a number of shelves in  my pastoral library. And it illustrates just a fraction of  the many contemporary resources available to those  with questions about the credibility of Christianity.  AIIA's annual Index lists 100 (leading) such resources. The Bible says in Hebrews 9:27 that "it is appointed for men to die once and after this comes judgment." On the  Day of Judgment, you will no doubt be reminded of  the wealth of Christian evidence placed at your disposal in this life, and then called to account as to how you  have-or have not-acted on it (Luke 16:29-31). Here's an invitation. If you find yourself basically persuaded by the evidence that Jesus was most likely not a lunatic, a mere legend, or a liar - try addressing Him  as Lord. Acknowledge to Him your sin, and be willing to turn from it. Ask Him to save you, to become a living reality in your life, and to guide you into all truth. Then write me and share with me your story. We'll answer you personally and send you some helpful follow-up material. Don't delay.

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