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Time for A Verdict

by Daryl E. Witmer The following exchange is typical of the pattern and content of an actual conversation of this nature between a Christian and a skeptic, based on personal experience and the related accounts of others. MS. ALLYN TO MR. FLETCHER Have you read that back issue of the Proclamation that I gave you last week? Did it answer all your questions about what happens to people who've never heard the Christian Gospel? MR. FLETCHER TO MS. ALLYN Yes, I did - and it was really rather thorough and helpful. But I now have more questions - like, where did evil come from, and is Big Bang cosmology Biblical, and what's with all those contradictions in the Bible? MS. ALLYN TO MR. FLETCHER Well, I believe that I can get you reasonable answers to all three of those questions. But before I do, let me ask you something. How many questions will you need answered before you are ready to place your trust in Jesus Christ? I mean, we've been going back and forth like this ever since you moved in next door six months ago. I've supplied answers to about 27 questions in that time period. Now what I'd like to know is - what will it ultimately take to convince you that Jesus is real and essential to life's purpose? What more is really necessary in order for you to agree to reach out in faith to the Biblical Jesus? Because once you come to Him, He's going to automatically make a lot of these things more understandable, i.e. 1 Corinthians 2:10-14. MR. FLETCHER TO MS. ALLYN Now wait a minute. Are you advising me to disengage my mind and just blindly sign on to Christianity? MS. ALLYN TO MR. FLETCHER Absolutely not. I'm just saying that you probably don't need to know everything there is to know before you receive God's offer of grace in Jesus. You've asked many good questions. And you've received reasonable answers to all of them. Perhaps now it's time for a verdict on your part. MR. FLETCHER TO MS. ALLYN Well, maybe. But I feel that I'd like to think it over and consider it all intellectually for a few more days. MS. ALLYN TO MR. FLETCHER How do you know that you'll have a few more days? The Bible says: "Now is the accepted time..." "You've been hearing evidence for quite a while. Perhaps now it's time for a verdict. The Bible says: 'Now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.'" MR. FLETCHER TO MS. ALLYN Well, exactly what would be involved if I was to - as you put it - "receive Christ as my Savior?" MS. ALLYN TO MR. FLETCHER You would need to talk to God directly, in prayer. No one is saved by osmosis - just because his/her neighbors or parents are saved. You need to acknowledge your own need, depending on Christ to save and guide you. MR. FLETCHER TO MS. ALLYN Well, can you get us started? Concluding Note... Hundreds of those regularly reading this thoughtletter have never actually received Christ as Savior (John 1:12). You may be one of them. You've read this paper for years and have noted that there is more and better evidence for Christianity than for any other faith system in the history of the world. But you have yet to specifically respond to Christ Himself. Why not do so today? Declare your verdict for truth in prayer by inviting Jesus Christ to wash your soul and become Lord in your life. Attend a Bible-preaching church this Sunday. And then write to us. We'll send you some helpful material and make an effort to keep in touch.

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